Hassio on VM Command line is non responsive

I am wondering if anyone has come up against this before…

I am running Hassio on an ubuntu headless VM (on a windows 10 machine with and 8 core processor and 8gb of ram - in case that matters). I’ve had it up and running now for about 6 months with only minor hiccups along the way.

I changed router last week - reconfigured the static IP, GW and DNS for the instance and everything loaded back up fine.

However, today I pulled Hassio down to make some changes to the set up on the VM (increase Virtual CPU cores and in increase RAM). When I did this,and restarted the VM, it would load up as normal and the login prompt would show up. when I log in, a number of lines populate as usual (hassio port entered blocking state/forwarding state etc).

What is happenening that is different? There are new entries that never came up before (fig3) and after these entries, the CLI will not accept any commands from me, when I hit enter it just tabs down, if I type a command and hit enter, it will just tab also.

Anyway, I changed all the VM settings back to what they were before, the problem is still there… (,Getting worried now)

I have a 2nd VM set up and waiting to redeploy my instance - but realised that all my backups ALL of my backups are saved locally on the VM and not on the host machine!! Lessons learned I guess.

My question to all of you - is there anyway that you know of to fix this? Have I fried it?? Even if I could access it for 5 seconds in order to pull the snapshot back to the host machine, I’d be over the moon.
(Fig, 1)

(Fig, 2)

(Fig, 3)

its the s6-init, fix-attrs.d, cont-init.d and the services.d lines that I’ve not seen before

update: only happening after I attempt to log into CLI. ie. Hassio is unable to run at all. I’m going to try to clone the VM and see does that work.

ANY ideas or guidance would be greatly appreciated, if I cant get in to get a snapshot, I’ve lost 3 months of work on it.