Hassio provides a webhook to Synology Surveillance Station External Event

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My goal is to trigger an external event in Synology Surveillance. I can easily do that with a webhook. If I enter this URL in a browser, the event is triggered in the Surveillance Station. The webhook looks something like this (slightly modified):
https: //192.168.xxx.xx: xxxx / webapi / entry.cgi? Api = SYNO.SurveillanceStation.Webhook & method = “Incoming” & version = 1 & token = xxxXXX12345.
Since I have only been dealing with hassio for a short time, I have not yet found a solution. I have already read through and tried out various examples with notify and rest. So far I have not been able to send a webhook to the Surveillance Station. Actually, the automation should look fairly simple. A trigger (motion detector) should send the webhook to Synology Surveillance.
Since I have already tried many things, I need some support.
Can someone give me a crucial tip?
Many thanks

I would guess that it could be implemented as a rest_command.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    url: 'http://192.168.xxx.xx:xxxx/webapi/entry.cgi?Api=SYNO.SurveillanceStation.Webhook&method="Incoming"&version=1&token=xxxXXX12345' 

“Call the new service from developer tools in the sidebar.” or use the service in your automation as you can do with a switch.


Hello Fredrik, yes that’s the solution. I have only change to http instead https in case of ssl error. But never mind. I have the required function.
Many thanks :pray: for the fast reply and solution.

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