Hassio rbp3 xiaomi aqara and google wifi

I just changed my network from a bunch of different APs to a Google WiFi with 3 APs on mesh config.
Before this I could with no problem connect hassio to my aqara v2 gw.
But using Google WiFi I have never been able to connect. I have tried to disable and reenable the LAN connection mode, I have updated my key in the config file. All I get is that it couldn’t find any aqara gw in the log. I have checked that port 9898 UDP is open with nmap. In the documentation they mention that multicast needs to be enabled on the router. I have found some conflicting info if Google WiFi support multicast. So my question is, have anyone a setup with google WiFi and a xiaomi aqara gw and they have it working, or is there something else that I need to focus on?

Many thanx for your input!