Hassio restore - Addons showing update available incorrectly

I am running Hassio 0.90.1. To check and confirm that the back up works, I created Full snapshot (password protected) and tried to restore on another SD card which had Hassio 0.89 version.
Though Hassio was restored to version 0.90.1 but all the addons in the Dashboard are now showing update available to a lower version. For e.g. current Duck DNS is running latest version 1.6 but it is showing update available to version 1.5 (lower version)

Update available! :tada:

Duck DNS 1.5 is available

You are currently running version 1.6

This is happening for all the Add-ons.

You should have updated that machine to the same version before restoring.

Hi bosborne, Doesn’t ‘Wipe & restore’ option erase the current version and restore the system to the backup snapshot file version automatically? So does it mean we have to first upgrade (or downgrade) the Hassio OS and each addon to the backup version.

I believe the snapshot only contains the configuration and data, not the full software installation.

Hi fits,

I got the same problem. Were you able to fix it?
I did update before restoring but that did not help.

Hopefully you have a tip!

Hi dr3ax,
The challenge is that when you restore, the version of Hassio & Addons should be exactly the same as the version backed up. To minimize the discrepancy:

  1. I upgrade Hassio & Addons as soon as they are released
  2. Automatically do a complete backup on daily basis.
    This way when I restore the backup version and downloaded version are latest, hence the same version.

Okay, In my case I restored a old version of my VM with a image of my VM. This results in a old version of hassio without any addons. I then upgrade Hassio to the latest version and after that I restored the latest image of Hassio with addons. This stil resulteerde in wrong update versions of the addons.

I wonder as soon as a addon releases a new version, would I see the correct latest upgrade version of the addon or will it always show the incorrect update version?

Small update: It looks like the update versions corrected them self. I’m now able to do a upgrade to a newer version for all my addons.