Hassio Samba share, write access ? (portainer)

ok, i am running hassio on hassos
i installed samba and portainer
in portainer i started a docker , i want to bind a volume to the /config samba share
all looks good, the docker thats running in portainer does have read rights, so it can read my config
but i want also logs files in my /config/logs folder

i think, not sure, that it cant create the logs since a write permisson?

so in portainer i have setup:

path :> /app/config/config.js => to HOST /mnt/data/supervisor/homeassistant/risco-mqtt-bridge/config.js

this works

path :> /app/logs => to host /mnt/data/supervisor/homeassistant/risco-mqtt-bridge/logs
this doesnt work

what i see if i start the docker in portainer, in Samba (addon) logs
that it can open the config file, so thats ok, but write = NO, so it means it cant write to the host, therefore the logs are not working?
so how can i make the samba or that folder Writable?

root opened file risco-mqtt-bridge/config.js read=Yes write=No (numopen=5)
root closed file risco-mqtt-bridge/config.js (numopen=4) NT_STATUS_OK

for the samba addon , i dont see in the documentation how i can enable Write=Yes?