Hassio SD card image instead of HassOS

Could anyone tell me where to download an SD card image containing Hassio instead of HassOS? The current download at “Getting started” links to an HassOS image. On GitHub I don’t find any images between the releases.

I am having issues with the PiFace add-on board in combination with HassOs.

You seem to be confusing Hass.io with HassOS…

I think you might be looking for the old ResinOS version from here https://github.com/home-assistant/hassio-build/releases

Hass.io is the ‘appliance’ like way of installing Home Assistant (with add-ons etc). It used to be based on ResinOS but was recently replaced with HassOS.

Suggest you make your peace with HassOS as there will be no more updates to the underlying OS with ResinOS. HassOS is the future.

There are also multiple other ways of installing Home Assistant… docker, venv’s etc. You can even use Raspbian packed as Hassbian or even install Raspbian, Docker and run Hass.io in that. There are lots of different options if you are having problems with HassOS.