Hassio slow to restart


Hi just wondering if anyone else running Hassio has issues with very slow restart times.? Is there anyway of making this process run faster ie deleting some logs etc…
My restart time can take up to 2 minutes is that normal… I’m running Hassio or a rp3B+



That is perfectly normal - My Pi3b+ can take longer sometimes. As you add more and more automations, sensors & switches etc it will take longer. If you look at the logs via SSH as it is restarting you can see these type of error/log populating the log file

“Updating device list from nmap_tracker took longer than the scheduled scan interval”

“Updating alexa media_player took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:00:10”

Once all are loaded then HA starts up. Only way I can see this being sped up is to move over to a full blown computer but then that would be a waste of our lovel Pi’s :wink:


Actually, 2 minutes is rather quick.


You might also want to keep an eye on your database file - home-assistant_v2.db - the size of this file has an impact on the restart time.
Manage it with the exclude/include lists as well as the purge_keep_day setting in the recorder component.


Are you completely rebooting the whole computer or just restarting the HA container?