Hassio snapshots are gigantic

Hello all.

After migrating my Hassio docker setup from Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi 4 4gb to Raspbian on an SSD I have struggled to make a backup of the new install because the snapshot file size comes out at around 5.5gb and takes hours to complete.

I’m at a loss to understand why because my Home Assistant folder is nowhere near that large. Config folder is under 100mb and the share folder is reported as 1mb.
I’ve whittled down my database to 32mb (from 500mb) and it’s still taking ages to complete a backup. Google drive add-on is throwing wobblers which is understandable.

Any ideas of how I can fix this?


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Exclude add-ons. Especially esphome and vscode.


Though I use the samba backup addon now this still applies.

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I’ve just opened up one of the backups and it seems to be the ADB add-on that is taking up the 5.5Gb.

I will uninstall the add-on and retry a backup.


Or you just take a partial snapshot without some add-ons.

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Backup is working fine now and under 100mb.

I uninstalled ADB and reinstalled it. Now it is backing up in seconds.

Something must have gone wrong during initial restore.