HassIO stops responding every so often

I have had similar issue with RPI3B+
I was not able to find much information on the logs.

I ended up moving ro Khadas vim1 device which is way cheaper than rpi.

It’s been up since 2 weeks now and have not caused any freeze yet.

I will move hassos from the sdcard to its emmc soon as I have got confidence in this device now. :slight_smile:

Same observation here. Mine’s RPi 3B, and after adding a fan, it cools down from around 52° to 46°, now my HA is quite sane for few days in a row.

I also had issues with my Pi4 locking up every few days. I had it in a small, plastic enclosure with a fan that was controlled using the CPU temperature and a HA generic thermostat, but I was finding that even with this, the device wasn’t reliable, especially when the fan started to play up.

I swapped to a Geekwork, passively cooled case and it’s an amazing piece of kit. Reduced CPU temperatures by 10C (20C from the old passively cooled temperature) and it’s not locked up once in the last 3 months.


Beautiful piece of engineering too. It’s designed so that the case clamps around the board and contacts (through thermal pads) the CPU and other hotspot components on the board:

70+, now 60-

I also had similar issues on RPI3B. I think it was RAM usage (or other resources) related.
Now that I moved the MariaDB database for the recorder to a remote RPI4 everything is running smooth again.

Even Glances monitoring works way better now, before this those sensors often became unavailable especially under stress conditions.

Ok, it wasn’t the temperature but the wifi adapter. I disabled the wifi and connected my raspberry with ethernet and now everything is solved.

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I had the same issue with RPi4 4gb. I figured that the issue appeared when I went from Mariadb back to the default litesql.
I am now back to Mariadb and HassIO hasn’t crashed since or unmounted the SSD out of the blue.

I have motioneye running with one usb camera and am encountering the same problem.

I can falsify a strong connection with deconz: i do not have deconz, but zha.

Same here. Never found the root cause with the WIFI but disabling it and using an ethernet connection instead solved the issue.

hi, what is the loop energy sensor?

How do you disable the wifi on a pi? Is it automatically disabled if you use a ethernet cable?

Hello, did you ever figure out the cause/solution. This is also happening to me on my Home Assistant Blue.

Hi Alex,

After upgrading the HA OS, it became stable, but I also installed a cooling fan to my HA Blue. I bought a usb fan and I attached it to the back of my HA Blue. Temp has decreased considerably. Hope it helps…

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USB fan comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes… what does yours look like?
I digress.

Which version of Hass OS are you on?

I took my HA Blue, measured the size of the heat dissipator and bought a fan that was about the same size. Of course I made sure the fan was 5v.

Home Assistant 2022.7.5
Supervisor 2022.07.0
Operating System 8.2
Frontend 20220707.1 - latest

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I experienced a similar issue a few months one year ago. HASSIO was not responding, I didn’t have any way to access it, and the only way to make it work was to switch it off and on.

The first attempt was to reboot it periodically. Secondly, replace the SD card (as mentioned here HassIO stops responding every so often - #41 by baizinger). I wasn’t happy with these two solutions, at least they didn’t work from time to time. Then, I didn’t like to reboot HASSIO regularly to overcome this issue.

I ended up replacing the case with a cooling one: https://amzn.eu/d/6etWQn1. It has been almost one year, and I have never experienced this error again. I hope this might help someone :slight_smile:

Hi all!
Running a RB Pi 3 here, and almost never been freeze before. What I’ve discovered so far, is that it is only happening to me when I’m away and I have one of these “vacation mode” automations running:

  • One that every morning after sunrise, will open some blinds with random position from 50% till 100%
  • One that will close all blinds at night
  • One that after sunset, it will turn on and off with randomly periods of time some lights…

I don’t know, I have thought that maybe one of these automations is kind of overflowing, or making my RB to freeze because of temp…

i fix this issue this way
ssh connect and write ha su repair :slight_smile: