Hassio Supervisor and crashed instanstance of Home Assistant

Hi guys,

Had something odd happen over the last few days and have just worked out the cause, but not sure what’s causing the cause to happen.

So I get that Hassio Supervisor is there to reboot HA in the event that it crashes, fails, what ever, but in this case, HA crashed, but didn’t fully crash. It was sitting at 100% CPU usage, and for what ever reason, Supervisor started a new instance of HA. The result was that I couldn’t use HA, and my server was not responding correctly due to the old instance of HA constantly at 100% CPU.

I did get things running by killing the old instance off (by killing the PID) and then HA instantly loaded on my web browser, so the new instance was up and running, just not accessible due to the original instance in limbo land.

Is there something in the Supervisor that checks to see that the old instance is fully killed off before starting a new instance?