Hassio switch 433mhz rfxcom

Good morning,

I use Hassio 0.68.1 on a raspberry 3.
I used until now DOMOTICZ for the control of my sensors and switches in radio 433mhz, I have a transceiver Rfxtrx433e.

I no longer wish to use DOMOTICZ, I don’t really have any problems with my sensors or the connected bulbs, but I do have modules from Blyss, chacon, etc… for the control of a bathroom ventilation and other wall outlets.

I want to know how to set up a switch for these modules. Be able to turn these electrical outlets and fans on or off.

Do you have any idea?

First, set up the rfxtrx component:

Then, rfxtrf switches and others:

Yes thanks, I have already configured the rfxtrx radio emeteur receiver, my sensors and switches work fine, but I want to check radio modules for that:

I have several products of the same kind but of different brand, BLYSS, CHACON…

In domoticz we can create a remote control to control these objects, but under Home Assistant I don’t understand how to do.

Thank you

I partially solved my problem by adding the remote control of a cheap used outlet.
But for the other radio modules, I haven’t found a solution yet.