Hassio to connect with Gira KNX RF

Hi there,

I have my house full with Gira KNX RF (wireless) wall switches (and dimmers).
Any solution I can re-use all these (expensive) wall switches to interact with my Hassio / Zwave infrastructure. Maybe some gateway available to bridge between Gira RF signals and Zwave?

Woukd be curious if anyone else already solved the same issue…


The KNX RF devices are probably connected to a TP line. There you could install (if there is not already) a KNX/IP interface and use the HA KNX integration KNX - Home Assistant

basically my preferred situation is to continue to use the wireless Gira KNX RF waal switches to manage my Z wave dimmers.

So, Is there any way to bridge between the KNX RF signals and Hassio (HA KNX Inegration).

Would it be possible to do this with a KNX RF Media Coupler?

Any guidance to solve this?

For the HA KNX integration you need Knx-ip. These media-couplers connect to a TP line. From there you can bridge to IP.

What are your RF switches connected to? Isn’t there a media coupler already in the system?

Thanks farmio, for your reply

What I ahve right now is

  1. Wireless Wall Switches - Gira 0511 00 (Gira Basiselement draadloze wandzender 0511 00.)
  2. Wireless Dimactors - Gira 1135 00 (Gira Draadloze universele dimactor enkelvoudig, 1135 00, 3041563.)

I would like to re-use the wall switch to interact with my hassio z wave installation

So basically my quesion is, would these component below work all together an interface with each other

  1. Gira wireless wall switches
  2. KNX RF Media Coupler
  3. KNX IP Router
  4. Hassio


You need a KNX RF line coupler in order to be able to connect your RF devices to a Twisted pair line. something like this KNX RF+ Line Coupler. But to power up the TP line, you need a KNX power supply and a KNX ip router to link everything to home assistant. The issue here it might not only be the hardware but to find the setup of your system (group addresses, device addresses…), unless you are the KNX partner -integrator who did the setup.

The Rf switches and actuators need the rf line coupler only for the initial setup or if you need a way to communicate with wired devices. They can communicate directly to each other.

So you want to get rid of the dimming actuators?
Remali is right, you would need ETS to set things up. And ideally the .knxproj file. Maybe you can even use the demo license to do that in this special case (you would just set up the couplers and use the existing configuration of the switches).
You don’t need a KNX IP router, but an interface. Sounds similar, but costs half. There are even KNX TP power supplies that have an ip interface built in JUNG - KNX Spannungsversorgung KNX-System Technik and you can get used PS for ~30€ and ip interfaces for ~90€.

Another way could be to use a RF to USB stick and dabble with knxd, but I have no idea if this really works.

Thanks farmio & Remali_Ls things are getting more clear to me.
Stil some questions to make sure I am really on the right path

To connect with the RF signals from the Gira Wireless wall switches need a KNX RF+ Line Coupler.
What is the difference between a Line Coupler and a Media Coupler? Or is it the same?
Do I have any freedom with this, what to choose?

What I understand I need to configure the components (ETS), but this needs to be done only once. Am I right this is down by software, or I have to do this with hardware? Can I find some manual somewhere to guide me.

On top of this I need an KNX IP interface and a PS; preferably in the same unit.

That would do all not?


Afaik this should be the same. Line couplers are usually used to connect 2 TP lines. Media couplers to connect a RF line and a TP line. I wouldn’t be surprised if some manufacturers name their media couplers RF line couplers.

There are however 2 different Knx RF Standards - an old one and the current so check what your switches use. Gira has great manuals, I’m sure you find lots of information there.

ETS is the software to configure the devices. This is a chapter on its own…
How many switches do you want to use?

Yes. No, not preferably - get the cheapest combination you find. I’d search for used components. But it needs to be a knx (eib) certified PS.

I have around 20 wall switches in my home

How can I check on the different Standards, how are they identified?

I found some used mdia coupler.
Could this one be used as the wireless interface to my wall switches?

That’s not good. Let’s look at ETS licensing Schema

  • Demo: 5 Devices
  • Lite: 20 Devices
  • Home: 64 devices
  • Professional: unlimited

The Interfaces and couplers count as a Device too.
You may find that the price for a suiting ETS license (even if you count in discounts) may exceed what it would cost to hire someone to configure it for you once (if Lite is not enough).
There are ways to use Light and maybe even Demo with multiple projects to circumvent that, but I don’t know anything more about this.

The manual should tell you.

Just qant to check one more thing and to be sure I am going to buy the right components.

My wall switches are
Gira 0511 00 (Funk-Wandsender Einsatz)

Will they be compatible with for example:

  • Gira 511000 KNX RF/TP
  • Jung KNX-RF mediakoppelaar - MK100RF

I was told that it will not work, that I need to try to find an old model like:

Any advise?

I’d call or mail Gira support. You seem to plan to buy Gira stuff to connect other Gira stuff - they can tell you for sure if it will work or not.

Thanks, got the confirmation from Gira!