Hassio transformed in home assistant

Dear All,
i’m in trouble with hassio. I’ve bought a Z83II mini pc with 2gb of ram and 32gb emmc with windows 10. I’ve formatted and installed ubuntu 18.10. When the system was ready, I followed this instructions to install docker and a fresh installation of hassio.

when installation was done, i’ve followed this post to set autostart of hassio when my mini pc starts.

obviusly the docker instructions…
launched web interface and I could see the home assistant interface and if I come on information, the system said docker = true, hassio = true… Well done I said!!! I installed ssh and samba plugin from the hassio tab, and restarted the mini pc… All sounds good… I transferted a raspberry 3 hassio backup to restore my existent installation. To made the snapshot visible I restarted again the mini pc and here the trouble… I open the browser and when the home assistant interface is loaded it tell me to create a new user to use home assistant… The first creation with name, username and password… When I fill this fields and the interface refresh I can’t see hassio on the left menu and if I come to information I can read docker = true, hassio = false… What’s happened? I made this installation more times, but I’ve the same issue everytime… This issue drive me crazy… Please if it’s possible, give me an hand!!!

go through your config and make sure it has the correct components. hassio being one of them.

hassio was there… After 2 or 3 pc restart it became only home assistant. The tab hassio on the left menu disappear and if I came in info panel I see docker=true, hassio=false. But the first time I reached web interface and created the new user, I seen in the info panel docker=true, hassio=true…

This step is unnecessary for a hassio installation because the script does all this for you. You’re following directions for a Python installation.

Which script? The first one to install docker and hassio?

You followed someone’s directions to install HA blindly?

Yes, the script YOU ran to install hassio.

curl -sL "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/home-assistant/hassio-build/master/install/hassio_install" | bash -s

That command is downloading and running a script. Inside that script, it sets up the systemd service for you, so if you made changes to the systemd service, that’s probably what broke it.

Thank you for the reply. I followed the first link, but after the reboot, hassio don’t started… So I searched internet to find a script to automate the start, the second link. I followed the second link each time, but now I’ve a fresh hassio install and I stopped myself at the end of the first link… I’ll try if now all sounds good… Thank you man!