Hassio TV control through CEC fail

Hello everyone,
i’m using hassio and i was trying to control my TV,
and i found this:

so, this is what i’ve done:
1- got a RPI with raspbian installed on it.
2- created a ssh public/private key on it and my hassio.
3- installed CEC-HDMI lib using this command sudo apt-get install cec-utils
4- connected that remote server to my TV through HDMI
5- tested the commands to turn on and off, and it’s working with no problem.
6- established a connection from my local terminal to hassio through ssh, then from hassio ssh to remote server using public/private key and working flawlessly.
7- tested the commands on/off ssh root@[IP] "echo 'on 0' | cec-client -s" from hassio ssh terminal, and working fine.
8- added the commands in my configuration.yaml as a switch, just as written in that CEC HDMI component page and it’s not working, giving this message in log Command failed: ssh [email protected] "echo 'on 0' | cec-client -s"
i wrote this topic after 2 days of online searching and i got nothing!
anyone could help please?