Hassio unable to load the panel source

I have been happily setting up Hassio Ion a Raspberry Pi fro teh past few months using tgeh ecxellent vidies of BRuh, Dr ZZZ and BurnsHA. I’ve been doing nothing exotic or complex and life was good.

However over the past four weeks my HAssio system has completely failed. I had to re image my SD card from scratch and reinstall the image on teh Pi, however I have been unable to get the wifi working. Instructions across you tube, blogs and the official site all seem to contradict themselves, an d i wonder if these are valid are variations between Rpi and linux installs?

To try and progress investigations I decided to rebuild the Hassio configurations from scratch, but the side panel Hass.io option didn’t work on v75.0. An upgrade to 75.1 got it working on one occasion and now I am getting a an error message saying that it is "unable to load the panel source /api/hassio/app/entrypoinmts.js. Thsi error was seen in June but appear to have crept back.

I’m now wondering if I should build a unix box on an old laptop and try setting up home assistant on this. I’m losing the will to live with this to be honest. Can anyone provide any advice

OK, I’m happy now. I got my wifi working thanks to a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnCRcGTznXs&t=1m40s

AND I have managed to set up a Maria DB on synology NAS to take all my log data from the rpi - Wooohooo!!!

I will write this up in a separate post.