Hassio Update Service



I was looking for a way to update Hassio in an automation (for example, make a snapshot of HA and then update system), but there is no way to call a service to make this update.

Maybe a Hassio Update Service would be good for a lot of people who makes automations before update the system.


You can always create a snapshot under Hass.io -> Snapshots:

If you want to create a backup with a service call, you can use hassio.snapshot_full or hassio.snapshot_partial. I do this as part of an automation that creates a snapshot and then backs it up to Google Drive. But if you want to create one at the time you’re doing an upgrade, I don’t see the advantage in doing it via service call rather than creating it manually before kicking off your upgrade.


Hi @apop,

Thanks for answering. I know how to create a backup, what I want is a service to update Hassio.
I want to create an script for create a backup of my system, and then update hassio.

What I need is create a Hassio Update service for that.