HassIO vm on unraid issue

So i have been using hassio on unraid using a VM. I have been running into a issue. Every couple days it seems that the Hassio vm wipes itself or something. So I have to remake the VM and restore it from my latest backup. It happened first when my server would lose power due to a breaker dropping for the room where my server is but lately it has been happening overnight when no power is lost. I’m not quite sure what is causing it. Any help would be appreciated. Also, here is a screenshot of my vm where it appears the vm is no longer starting up when booted via unraid.

I have had the same issue on unclean shutdowns and sometimes even when I do a clean unraid shutdown. Other things that have caused it for me are moving the disk image. Even after linking it correctly it will still go to the bios.
I have had some success in making a brand new vm with the same details and linking it to the existing drive image (I use qcow2).
I have been an unraid user for about 10years and successfully using vm/docker in unraid since they first released it.
I have researched the issue but haven’t really found any real solution for the problem. Although I haven’t asked or posted the specific issue on this community or the LimeTech forums.

One thing I have done in the past is to make a new HA vm with no config just SSH and samba ready to have a backup loaded into it. It really shouldn’t come to that.

I am beginning to think I might test going back to a docker on unraid and use an alternate backup method or try the docker supervisor on unraid.

I haven’t posted in LimeTech forums either. My current solution is I have been making a copy of my .qcow2 after it has been set up so I don’t need to do a full restore of the backup and have it working again a little faster.

I’m also gonna look at using the docker supervisor too from the community apps. I have messed with it a bit in the past but has always been more of a hassle than I wanted to deal with but might be worth it now.