Hassio-wifi-hotspot : connect directly your wifi devices to hassio

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Hi hassio community,

My name is Lucas and I am a french new hassio user.

Recently, for a personal usage in a small apartment, I needed to create an autonomous hassio installation.
For this small area, I wanted to connect directly the wifi cameras (managed later by motioneye) directly to my raspberry. I think, this installation have a lot of advantages :

  • Security : the cameras are on an isolated network, without internet access and proxfied by the hassio server
  • Autonomous / ISP router independence : the directly connected devices to the pi are not dependent of ISP or other any router. If I change my principal router access, my hassio network configuration is not impacted
  • Low cost small installation : my hassio installation works only with a pi (tested on a pi 3 and pi 4)

That is why, I have created this addon :

Here is an example of an architecture possible with this addon :

Have a nice day and If my English is not good, I am sorry. It’s not my native language



cela a l’air genial , une bonne idée! vais y jeter un coup d’oeuil afin de voir si je peux y joindre mes esp32 et shelly .sinon pour un francais ton anglais est parfaitement comprehensible.

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your comment.

I think you can connect directly your esp32 and shelly to your pi with this addon.

If you want your device have always the same IP, you can defined IP for mac address in addon configuration (se github doc).

You will tell me if this is good for you or if you need other information.

Hello @ldrago63 ,

When you mentioned “With this solution, your device will be in an isolated network without internet access but proxfied by your hassio.” Will hassio provide connectivity to the internet to these devices? Would it be possible to allow it?

Hi @Dario_Lemes_Gonzalez,
I am very sorry, I did not see your message.

It is possbile but, it is necesary to create a bridge beetween your wan interface and hotspot interface. It is not the base idea but possible with developments.

Can you create an issue with this feature request in my github : GitHub - ldrago63/my-hassio-addons: Repository for my home asssitant addons

I will try to add this in october.

Thanks a lot!