Hassio with duckdns

Hi, after having configured hassio everything worked, when I added duckdns and I restarted hassio it doesn’t work anymore and I can no longer access through the local ip and duckdns, also it doesn’t go even through SSH, what should I do?

Did you set samba up ?
If you can’t get in you have learnt an important lesson about backups (don’t worry we’ve all done it)
You will have to start again with a re-imaged sd card
On DuckDNS try following : -

read it through first to check it matches your usage requirement

samba what allows me to do?

Samba allows file sharing over your network
The HA Samba add-on thus allows you access to your /config (and more) folder from any computer on your home network (provided they know the user and password you have set) and you can read/write files as if they were on your local hard disk.
It’s under Hass.io, Add-On Store, then look through the Official add-ons

Whilst you are under Hass.io you should look at snapshots, an easy way to back up your config, search forum for how to’s on that

Are you using https:... or are you trying to use http:... (which won’t work now because DuckDNS installs SSL certificates).

I used http, now i’m using https and it’s working, thanks!

but the browser says that I am making a connection to an unsafe site, then I can continue, but is it normal to do so?

The SSL certificates are for the duckDNS address not the IP address, hence the warning. You can safely add an exception to your web browser.

You should not get the warning if you go to https://[email protected]:your_port_number

If I go to https://xxxxxxxx.duckdns.org:8123 I receive warning

That could be due to hairpinning in your router (redirecting to the local IP address).

If you have a cell phone, turn wifi off and try to connect to the duckDNS address.

On the configuration of the module you have to change
to true in order to get the proper certificate

And you shouldn’t need the port number in the duckdns address

Pretty sure you do if you’re not using port 443.

I dunno, I use 443