Hassio + with EQ3 Bluetooth Smart Thermostats

Hi! I have an EQ3 bluetooth thermostat and try to use it with hassio on a raspberry pi 3. If I understand it correctly, it is nessesary to install the python-eq3bt library to make it work!? Is there a way to install custom libraries on hassio? Or is there a docker image out there? Thanks in advance!

Did you resolve your problem ?

no, not yet. Do you have the same problem?

Hello. The eq3cli python installs automatically after enabling the component. But there is another problem with proper communication with thermostats. On Hassbian you can fix it manually by installing additional package, see last post here: eq3btsmart Thermostat misbehaviour · Issue #3885 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

On hass.io I’ve tried the custom deps addon with below config:

“pypi”: [
“apk”: [

The pypi section is not necessary but the GUI did not want pass me without packages in this section :slight_smile:
But unfirtunatelly glib-dev nor glib do not help on hass.io

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Has anyone find any solution to eq3 bluetooth trv implementation in Hassio?

Ok, it is easier than I thougt. I sucessfully get this to work on hassio on a rapberry pi. The only thing you need is a EQ3 Bluetooth Smart thermostat. First you have to discover the thermostats bluetooth mac address. There are several apps for android to find out the mac address for bluetooth devices. The last step is to follow the config instructions for the integration as described here:

After a restart you can find a climate entity for the thermostat.

Thanks for the info. How would you make to grant bluetooth connectivity across a regular flat??? In my case I have 5 thermostat and only one of the got connection

I have a relatively small apartment, so connectivity is no problem for me

Please, tell me how I cant get it to work.

Hassio, Pi, config with mac address but I get Unavailable.

what am I doing wrong. Please help.

witch version of raspberry pi are you using? Can you share your config? What distance do you have between the thermostat and your pi?

Hello, I wanted to connect the eQ-3 bluetooth thermostat (CC-RT-BLE-EQ) to the HA according to these instructions.

First, I installed “VMware Workstation 16 Player” on my laptop running “Windows 10”. Then on “VMware Workstation” I created a virtual machine (in the options for USB I checked “Share Bluetooth device with the virtual machine”, I installed “Debian GNU / Linux 10 (buster)” on it and installed “Home Assistant 0.115.6” on it in docker. Everything works fine.

In the next step I installed python3-pip, bluetooth, bluez, bluez-tools, rfkill on the “Debian” OS and “python-eq3bt” on docker HA.

By issuing the following commands:


agent on

scan on

I can see different bluetooth devices but I do not see the “EQ3” thermostat and I can’t pair it by issuing commands:



connect MAC_ADDRES

receives the message:

Device 00: 1A: 22: 0A: 0E: A4 not available

but if I give the command:

hcitool -i hci0 info 00: 1A: 22: 0A: 0E: A4

it gets information from the thermostat.

Requesting information …

BD Address: 00: 1A: 22: 0A: 0E: A4

OUI Company: eQ-3 Entwicklung GmbH (00-1A-22 )

Features: 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

Do you know how I can pair this thermostat and add the thermostat correctly to the HA?

Added to config:

  - platform: eq3btsmart
        mac: 'XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX'

But the new entity is “unavailable”.

I have first found mac address via one of the android apps which allow to do so, and afterwards I have confirmed it by pairing thermostat with my phone via official app.

  • Does HASS also need some kind of pairing procedure?
  • Anything else which could cause trouble?
    • probably my next step will be to check that the server bluetooth is even working

UPD: after a few days (and also update of HASS), it just worked. Cannot say for sure what was the reason it didn’t in the first place.

I had the same issue. In my case the distance of the thermostat was to far to my raspberry pi (HASS installed).

An alternative would be to use an ESP32 to control the valves over MQTT. We’re currently testing an implementation using Tasmota (Not released yet).
This will possibly resolve connectivity issues as you can easily position multiple EP32 around the house and they will act as a bridge between the EQ3 and MQTT.

More info:

Or just ask…


Hi all,

i’m a newbee in Homeassistent an now I got the information from EQ3BTSmart.

How can I put these information in a sensor for displaying in lovelance?

  - heat
  - 'off'
  - auto
min_temp: 5
max_temp: 29.5
  - boost
  - away
current_temperature: 20.5
temperature: 20.5
preset_mode: null
away_end: null
is_locked: false
low_battery: false
valve: 0
window_open: false
friendly_name: Arbeitszimmer
supported_features: 17

Will be great if you cann support me

Follow @CichY link above to add your eq3 device to your configuration file. Where it says room1 you put the name arbeitszimmer. For mac you will need to find the code for your device. Getting that code will be the fun bit (search the forum on how to do that). People in the community will tend to ignore your request for very basic things and expect you to search for the answer yourself. When you’ve done that restart your device and then pick the lovelace card thermostat and pick climate.arbeitszimmer. The fun is finding out for yourself.

Good luck.

@Spiro in this way you cannot get the informations that @AgentP38 need. Using https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/eq3btsmart/ you can only set the temperature but you cannot check any of parameters set on the thermostat like % of valve open, actual mode ect. I also looking for a way how to control it using only HA. Now I have an algoritm in Node Red which sends these info using MQQT to HA.

Ah @Piotr_Kowalski you are right. I thought AgentP38 was just looking to setup a thermostat for the eq3. So if you put this yaml below in your configuration.yaml you will get a new sensor.temperature with friendly name arbeitszimmer current temp as an example. Sorry for the misunderstanding AgentP38 . Tried it out on my eq3s and it worked.

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Arbeitszimmer current temp"
        unit_of_measurement: '°c'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('climate.arbeitszimmer', 'current_temperature') }}"
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Hi @Spiro @Piotr_Kowalski
Thanks a lot. I will try… sorry that I don’t communicate well in English…
BR Meik

for info:
On Tasmota, we’re working on an EQ3 driver - basically so you can have some ESP32 around the house to talk to the EQ3s, and send the info to HA.
We’re only just starting to think about how best to integrate with HA for information and control…