Hassio with Raspian Lite and RPD?


New to Pi and Home Assistant and would like to use my pi mainly for Hassio but also have the RPD available for a couple other things. I’ll keep a keyboard/monitor connected to the pi.

I looked around quite a bit but didn’t find much guidance on this configuration.

Is this difficult or not typical for some reason?

Can I install hassio then RPD?

Thanks in advance!


This weekend I installed my RPI 3B+

NOOBS -> Raspian-Lite -> followed Hassio Linux instructions except for a couple of things:

There is no Universe repo so that was skipped.

I installed the 32 bit version of hassio with this command:

sudo curl -sL "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/home-assistant/hassio-build/master/install/hassio_install" | bash -s -- -m raspberrypi3

I am not familiar with RPD. Sorry,


Thanks I’ll try it.

Sorry RPD - Ras. Pi Desktop


The same idea should work. Of course I made sure the OS was up to date before installing the software.


You can do the same thing with full Raspbian and not Raspbian Lite to get the desktop if you want to.