Hassio won't come up after power outage, command line works

I have Hassio installed in Proxmox VM, all sitting on HP T620. It’s been running mostly flawlessly for a year or so. Unfortunately, after recent power outage my Home Assistant is not coming back up. Hassio command line is working still. Not sure exactly what steps to take to solve this. I’ve already checked home-assistant.log (attached here) file and there are a couple of ERRORs in there, especially the “Could not read SSL certificate from /ssl/fullchain.pem” looks suspicious. From the command line I did core check and all is fine:

It’s Hassio 4.2 with core 0.117.2 which I should be able to update from command line - should I do that? Honestly I’ve been trying to solve it on my own for a while now, but must admit my knowledge is just to little so I’m asking for help