Hasso on Raspberry4 starts with "Preparing" after reboot

did anybody experience this ?

  • Created the SD card as per the installation guidelines
  • Boot and config done
  • Added some integrations, sometime rebooted the Server (within HA)
  • Then rebooted the OS / Core and that resulted in the PI coming up with “Preparing” like on the first setup
    kind of indicating all my settings and configs gone lost :frowning:
    (i do have a backup so will be able to restore but thats not what i intend to do on every reboot of the whole system)
    Is it just me / would i have to configure something so that the configs are preserved also during system reboot ?

No, this is not required.

ok that would have been the easy way out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So what could be the cause for System thinking it has to start from scratch ?

A corrupt SD card.

An invalid config (did you check it before restarting?)

Right Config should have been fine as the server restart(s) were working
So i will try a new SD and see if that helps
thanks for your input

New SD Card did the trick
already booting was happening within 10min (first boot) where the other took more than an hour

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