HassOS 1.11 significantly quicker

Just updated to HassOS 1.11. Speed difference to 1.10 is significant . Booting in under 2 mins on Raspberry PI 3 . Back to Resin-OS speeds. Hopefully its not just me !

Many thanks to all the developers :slight_smile:


That is awesome news…

Not booting in under 2 minutes here but definitely faster here too…

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should have said rebooting homeassistant cold boot from Pi start up to login around 5mins . makes all the difference when changing configuration.

Iv’e also noticed the front end is heaps quicker.

I’m still waiting for boot from flash drive support on HassOS. My micro-SD cards always get corrupted.


I also, after reading this thread, upgraded early this morning to v1.11. CPU utilization has dropped from an average of 35% to 20%. (PI3b+)

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That’s nice! Is it ok to do system -> Update HassOS or should I do clean install? Think I’m on 1.07 or something…

Should be fine to update. I have done that before with no issues.

Might be time to bite the bullet and update from ResinOS.

I moved over by doing a snapshot and restoring. Easy peasy.


It wasn’t entirely painless but I got there in the end. Biggest problem was that I initially used the 64 bit image that does not support the pi’s GPIO. Re-imaged with the 32 bit version, enabled SAMBA and restored from snapshot. All I had to do then was delete my database and all was well.

Loading history graphs seems to be quite a bit slower in the (Beta) iOS app, even with little history to display. Otherwise everything seems about the same or maybe a little faster.

Ahhh yeah. I went to 32bit after reading of others issues and compatibility with 64bit. Sounds like I dodged a bullet there.

I just switched to HassOS tonight. Boot time takes over 5min now but I agree the front end is very smooth and responsive. Could it be preloading into memory at boot which takes longer but improves performance?

The speed increase is due to the following

before 1.11 HassOS was in “powersafe” mode so the CPU was throttled back. Booting Home assistant for me is significantly quicker under 2 mins . HassOS from cold boot is also quicker .As I said at the beginning of the post, back to ResinOS speeds.

Hi, i had the same issue.
Have replaced my sd for 12 times and got sick of it. I was ready to stop with my pi.
Then i read the pi is very sensitive about the powersupply.
I bought a 3 amp stable powersupply and a surgeprotector.

Since then , now for 4 months i have no problems anymore.
Hope it helps you as wel.

How are your observations with HassOS 1.12?
Just recognized that the average idle CPU load went up from 7 % to 16 % with 1.12 coming from 21 % in 1.10. (RPi 3B)

Besides that I did not observe any difference in performance during general usage.

Is there a way to get notifications of available (stable) HassOS updates?

I have an alert for Home Assistant but cant find a way for HassOS.

I’m taking about the undelying OS not HA. This:

Not this: