HassOS add-on: Restic back-up

Hi all,

I would like to share an add-on I created to back-up my HassOS install. The built-in snapshots system was unable to back-up my 5GiB+ influxdb, so I decided to build something using restic.
It does take some work to set it up, but I hope it helps someone.
You can find the add-on on Github.


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Hey Martin,

that’s exactly what I looked for. Does it work stable for you?

Cheers Florian

Did you end up using this addon? Looking to pick it up as well but wonder if that would be time well spent :slight_smile:

That was exactly my concern :smiley:
No, I haven’t used it, yet. It seems you would need to update the addon-image first, because there’s an issue regarding the common S6-overlay error.

I’d love to find a working a solution like this very soon, though. At some point I decided that I don’t want to maintain a second server in my home, so Home Assistant must cope for everything, including my 500GB of photos. I don’t want to do a full (generational) backup on them every night like I do on all the other stuff :see_no_evil: