HassOS and Time Zones

I don’t understand this… I had WinSCP up as I am just updating to HassOS and when I refreshed, all my time stamps have reverted to GMT - we are +10… Is there some way to correct this? Do I need to do some time zone on the host?

Frontend is showing everything correctly - it’s just the time stamps on the files… (I guess it’s the time zone on the host - any way to change that?)

There is a setting I just found in the connection settings but I have never touched this before now… Would be nice if it was set correctly on the host.

Supervisor and OS run in UTC by designe. All other they run on top of this are in your local time zone. Maybe we change the logging time in future but actual is nothing on roadmap.

Source: Timezone settings in hassos · Issue #79 · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub

Thanks. Would be nice to be able to configure it… Wasn’t an issue on Hassio on ResinOS

Well I also have the issue with time zone, if I do a clean boot (vmdk) , it boots up fine… If I restart it within hassio config page, within the first hour ( eta +1 here)… Then it looses the ip address exactly 1 hour later, and I need to reboot the host completely to get an IP address back…
If I do clean boot, and restart not within first hour, so doing some config changes, then restart after 1 hour, there is no issue, IP address is stable…

Very strange but easy to reproduce