HassOS Feature request: add support for Ryzen processor

I believe that currently the Ryzen processor as well as the newer generation intel processors do not have the drivers in the HassOS image. This limits the hardware that they can be run on and forces users to do a manually managed docker install if they want to use the GPU for things like hardware acceleration with frigate.

It would be wonderful if support for the Ryzen processor (what I intend to use) could be added to the HassOS image. It would be doubly awesome if the newer drivers for the intel processors could be added. This would open up a whole world of nucs to be used with home assistant.

Where do you get this nonsense?


If you’re also nickm from reddit then I managed to completely misunderstand what you wrote on reddit.

Ok so you are talking about video acceleration drivers.

I am not nickm from reddit.

HAOS 10 has been released and with it a bump to kernel 6.1.24, dunno if that will assist you to get what you seek :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to tell if it actually supports it but there are hints that they added more support for amd drivers/graphics to 6.1.24 so maybe :slight_smile:


In general, HA is not a graphics oriented system.

If you need graphics acceleration, use supervised.

@cmgerdes just out of curiosity, did you end up using a Ryzen processor along with Frigate and HassOS, and validating it can offload ffmpeg to the GPU?

I did end up with a Ryzen. I was not able to offload to the GPU but there was so much more processing power that I’m still in a much better state with ffmpeg only taking a small fraction of what’s available.

It may be that it’s possible to offload now. I have not looked into it since I got it and found that frigate is only taking a small percentage of processing power now that I have so much available. If you end up getting Ryzen and am able to offload I would love it if you let me know :slight_smile:

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Sure, but there are use cases where it’s helpful (especially video processing, which is a core part of many smart homes). What’s the downside to including at least open-source drivers?

seconding here in the request.

  • AMD GPUs are not supported because HA OS does not include the mesa driver.
  • Nvidia GPUs are not supported because addons do not support the nvidia runtime.

Run supervised.