Hassos getting stuck during boot "waiting for root device PARTUUID=XXXX...."

HI, im trying to get HASSOS up and running on an old dell R710 i have spare here at my house before commiting to the ~500 it costs to get a intel NUC in my country.

I have followed the installation guide here @Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant
I have enabled UEFI boot and it appears to start booting, but gets stuck partway through and never progresses when stuck on the error in the title (xxx is some manufacturer ID of some part I believe)

I have tried re-flashing a few times, I tried booting from my local desktop PC but i couldn’t get it to work (just skipped and went straight to windows) although i think this is due to my BIOS settings are quite specific to get my NVME SSD to work properly on my older system.

I have read around abit but its not entirely clear, but is Hassos only supported for Raspberry Pi or intel NUCs? is it possible the hardware I am trying to use in incompatible? the instructions dont explicitly say NUC/RaPi only but seem to imply that NUCs/RaPi are are preferred?

cheers for any pointers

Faced the same problem. I installed the image on the SDD and connected via sata and everything worked.