HASSOS image for x86 physical machine

I have a spare motherboard with Celeron N3160 and 128GB mSATA SSD, so I wanted to make it dedicated to Home Assistant. I planned to install Debian first then install the supervisor environment, but not too long ago this method got deprecated and won’t be supported anymore, and I still wanted the function of plugin and update panel provided by HASSIO. Seems like there is no x86-64 image file available? Will it work if I convert the virtual machine image and write it to the SSD? Thanks.

Debian + Supervised install is still supported. The deprecation has been withdrawn.

See :

Thanks, but seems like the original proposal is “On Hold”, so maybe it will be deprecated again later? I just wanted something that’s fully covered rather than backup and migrate later. But for now seems like it’s still the most reasonable solution.

You did not follow the latest news. I put a link to ADR-0014 in my previous post. It defines HA Supervised on Debian as supported.

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Oh that’s exciting, thanks for the info.