HassOS in esxi (looses IP after a while)

hoi, downloaded and installed in esxi6.7 this image : https://github.com/home-assistant/hassos/releases/download/1.10/hassos_ova-1.10.vmdk

working well, setup esxi with "other linux 64 bit - efi mode)

after a while 1 hours / 1 day … randomy, i cant access/ping home assistant anymore, also if i look in esxi in the status, the internal IP is gone
i need to restart the hassos completely to see the IP again and can access it again …

whats wrong?

the only thing i can access when it looses IP, is to access the hassos shell from my ESXI web, but commands are quite limited then

what log files can i check to troubleshoot?

did you specify a static IP when you installed HASSOS. If not, its probably getting a dynamic IP which will change periodically

Hi, yes , its still on dhcp, but no, it’s not getting a new IP
In esx you see the actual op that is assigned to hassos… When it’s not reachable anymore, there is just no IP address… Only the virtual ones for the docker…

Sometimes it’s ready after an hour if I boot hassos… Seems like it’s going to a sleep mode…

HA may not be getting an IP from your server. I would assign it a static address

how to do that on a vmdk ? i dont have an usb there , can you define it in hassos?
but its not a problem from my router/server, because an ip was assigned, it is just gone , even before dhcp expire date …

i think i have found the issue, but dont know how to resolve it

on first clean boot, i see the HA is one hour behind, because if i live in +1 eta zone
if i restart the config from within HA withing the first hour, it disconnects the IP after 60 minutes from clean boot, i also see in the log if i restart, the time is correct
if i dont restart the config within the first hour , the system is stable

I had a time sync issue on my ESXi as well…I just installed a time sync application like atomic clock to keep it in sync

Can you give me some more info? Is that a tool on esx or ha?

Does the ESXi host have the correct time? ESXi (Host) has its own NTP client, that keeps its guest OS clocks in sync. But for this to work, I think you need VMWare tools installed on the gues, which I don’t think you can do with HassOS.


yes, esxi has the correct time, also ilo/bios
on first cold boot of hassos, its now 2 hours ahead, until i do a restart from within HA itself, the n its corect
but on a cold boot, i need to wait now 2 hours before i can restart ,because otherwise, the IP of hassos is gone, cant ping it anymore, also in esxi, in the hetwork status, the IP is gone
verry strange