Hassos + InfluxDB = high cpu usage

I have read up a little bit on this, but still can’t find a solution to make influxdb useable again on my pi4 with hassos. Background… the pi4 has been running fine for over a year, influxdb included. I went about a month without logging in to HA for maintenance, and when I did I noticed influxdb contunuously using a lot of CPU (~50%). I have read about large db’s and 32/64bit, but this is hassos. I also tried the INFLUXDB_MONITOR_STORE_ENABLED = false config which failed to work for me. My instance is not crazy busy as far as data rates… normal small home with power sensors etc setup so nothing is flooding HA. As I said, it has worked fine for years… and now this seems to have snuck in somehow.

I still have the issue wit I saw this post, but figured I may need to make a new one to get any help.

Anyone else figure out how to fix this with hassos?