HASSOS keeps crashing every few hours

since a few days my homeassistant, wich is running on a raspi 3B+, keeps crashing after a few hours and I have to pull the power to restart it. After the restart there is one error message in the log but I couldn’t find any useful information about that:

Ended unfinished session (id=16 from 2020-10-11 18:59:25)

I know my pi is running low on ram, Could that be an issue?
I hope you can help me.

It is possible that your pi is running out of ram, depending on how much you have going on in Home Assistant. Another possibility, could be your SD card is on the brink of failing.

Sounds like an issue with your power supply.

I thought the same and am already searching for the right nuc. Thanks

I don’t think so, I’m using a 3 amp supply but I’ll check it anyway.

An SD Card is a lot cheaper than a NUC : )

Oh, I didn’t knew that. Thanks for the tip :+1:

I ran into a similar problem with my setup. I found that remaining logged into the SSH terminal would allow me to restart the PI and/or Home Assistance from the command line. Which told me the problem, in my case, was not the PI freezing up, but rather HASS. While further diagnosing, I noticed that the CPU usage was constantly running at OVER 100%. I was able to correct, and resolve the problem simply by using a MySQL server running on another system for the recorder rather than the builtin Sqllite.

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