Hassos + motioneye setup

Can Hassos see external SSD drive for storing motioneye recordings?

Not from what I have discovered.

Thanks for the reply,
So it seems like the best way to go is to run motioneyeos on another pi, motioneyeos supports external SSD. Then I can install the motioneye addon in HA and reference the cameras from the other instance of motioneye. Is this the best way to go?

You can tell MotionEye to save to a network location, ie: a NAS

If you are running MotionEye on a RPi be aware that it will probably max out the processor pretty quickly if you want motion detection and recording.

I think I see what you mean. I have 4 network cameras attached too motioneyeos on pi3+ but it’s not working very well. Motion recordings are missing, I’m guessing it can’t keep up.