Hassos on Intel Nuc6 - ESXI 6.7u3 - Problem Bluetooth

Good morning everyone.
I have safely installed esxi 6.7u3 on my intel nuc6. :sunglasses:

But I can’t to see the integrated bluetooth that with other virtualization platforms (like Proxmox) I can see (usb passtrouth 8087: 07) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can you help me to understand how to integrate it?

thanks to who helps me.


I have an Intel NUC8 running ESXi 7.0.0. I have a VM running hassos and I’m able to passthrough the onboard Bluetooth as a USB Device without issue.

All I needed to do was Edit the VM Settings, select Add Other Device, USB Device then select it from the list:


My onli usb device is:
intel product 0x0a2b

I think that’s it. Mine appears as that too:


I try to insert it, but inside HA not work

Did you try rebooting the hassos vm?

How are you intending to use Bluetooth in HA? As a Bluetooth tracker?

I used the bluetooth of the old raspberry as a control with the xiaomi bt temperature and humidity sensor

Is there anything in the ha logs?

In my HA logs there isn’t any info about bt…
Is there any commands for testing th Bluetooth scan? It’s important to try bt functionally before…

There are tools like hcitool, but you’ll need to ssh onto the hassos level for that.

This command not found in Hassos OS…

You need to go lower. You’re at the hassos layer, you need the host layer beneath:

It’s very difficult for me… :sob:

I would suggest setting up the bluetooth_tracker integration, adding it to the logger with the logging level of debug and seeing what you get in the logs.

Updating thread in case more people end up here after with a hope of getting the combination NUC8, ESXi, HassOS and native/other BT working. It was my highest rated search result when looking for a solution. WhimsySpoon got it working, I couldn’t.

WhimsySpoon was kind enough to supply me his exact VM configuration as I was wondering if there could be some tiny detail making the difference (thanks!). I could unfortunately not replicate his positive results despite using identical configuration. I assume it might be due to hardware/firmware differences.

I’m running a NUC8i5BEK which present the native BT USB device as 0x0aaa in ESXi. WhimsySpoon is running a NUC8i7HNK which present the native BT USB device as 0x0a2b in ESXi.

(I ended up setting up passthrough of the native BT device to a Linux VM on the same ESXi host as that works fine. BT is handled by the Linux server and passed on to HA through MQTT.)

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