HassOS on NUC killed by migration attempt

Hi Guys,

So I was using HA on RPi4 (installed on venv, without Supervisor) for a few months, and lately decided to go further. I bought NUC.
I imaged the disc with Hassos image, started, took a while but I saw it was working (in a browser on another computer of course).
So I started with Samba setup - no problem, then I started to migrate my instance - I copied everything from homeassistant/.homeassistant folder into /config folder on new instance (configuration.yaml, www , custom_components, .storage and .cloud folders, google.token, and other files - basicly everything that was in there).
I then restarted new instance… and it never come back :frowning:
System is alive, - I have monitor connected to NUC so I see it is working, but website is now not availiable.
So what I did wrong ?? I was doing reaserch earlier and everyone was saying that to migrate it is only necesary to copy these files and install missing addons/integrations…
But why it went so bad ??