Hassos on NUC slower then Ubuntu?

Popping the question first before re-installing.

At first I had Ubuntu with Docker running hass.io. While doing a clean re-install I decided to burn the hassos imageon the SSD.
The install went fine and everything is running,but I get loads of 10sec warnings and camera stream breaks.
Should I re-install with Ubuntu?

Ubuntu works perfect for me with vanilla docker install via cli, so I can’t comment on the hassos image.

Same HA version?

Try updating to the latest bios version, there’s something wrong with the older ones, mine was constantly overheating and either lowering clock rate or just rebooting. After contacting intel support (thought it’s just broken) they suggested updating bios (I was quite skeptical about it and thought they are just wasting my time) and now it’s fine :slight_smile: