HassOS stopped responding?

hi all

I just wanted to see if there is some kind of a log, or error i can retrieve as to why my HassOS stopped responding today

ive ran, for over a year now homeassistant on a VM, but wanted to have it on its own, so bought an Rpi 3B+

Using the latest HassOS for 3B+ i had it running on “the bench” for about a week whilst i set it all up and made sure there were no issues (as unlike a vm, if it stops i have to plug a screen in)

Happy with it running for this time i perform a shutdown, and move it to the network rack in the house i move it to inside the rack, cable manage it all and boot it up, happy days, for most of the day that is

get home tonight and notice that my tablets are down, check has on its IP:8213, no dice, ping it, no good either

Go back to the rack, hard power it, wait 5 and its back

any ideas?

Do you have a PSU with enough juice to run the Pi? You will probably need at least 2A/5V.

I had this problem too. It was related to some hassio adding (AirCast and AirSonos) continually trying to start and causing the CPU to run at close to 80% non stop. The PI was shutting down because it running hot.

Hi, yes, Genuine Pi 2.5a PSU

Dosnt seem to be running hot, its now happened again, running about a week and just stopped responding, hard reset and its back 5 mins later, i dont get it

I’ve been getting this too since may and so far no one seems to be able to offer any explanation or solution.

Im seeing that the 32bit version is the recommended now? when i downloaded there was only one, benig the 64bit

might try the 32bit