Hassos - sudo apt-get install?

hi, was running home assistant, now switched over to hassos (as vmdk)

but how to install software on a terminal?
sudo apt-get install => command not found
python /blabla/script.py => command not found

so i want to install python on it? but how?

sorry which platform are you under again? I’m not sure I get what you mean with your first line.
I use docker on my setup and indeed apt-get is not available, but pip / pip3 is…

i install this : https://github.com/home-assistant/hassos/releases
1.10 build
vmdk version

from terminal running “python3” works
but not “python”

probably need to install python version 2 also, but how :slight_smile:

do you actually need python 2? I fear it might screw your setup / HA
See if you can update your python script to work with python 3?

Ok, Will do… :wink:

But still , how to install stuff on a terminal session? :wink:


That’s not the right way to manage a docker container. You don’t use it like a regular install. It has a job. A single job. That job is to run Home Assistant. If you want ANYTHING else, you will need another docker container or an add-on (If using HASSIO, an add-on is just another docker container anyway).

Ok, thnx :wink: