Hassos - supported thunderbolt/ethernet adapter


I’m trying to install hassos on an Intel NUC DC3217BY with no ethernet port and a Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 - BT adapter.
I have successfully installed hassos and it boots fine. However I can’t get wifi to work despite loading the iwlwifi module. The module loads fine but the interface does not show up. Does anyone know how I can get it working?
I’m also planning to buy a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter. But which one is supported by hassos?
Would this work?


No one that has a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter that can confirm it is working with HassOS?

This is probably far too late for you, but for the sake of info. I have just migrated my HassOS from a HyperV VM to bare metal on a 10th gen Intel NUC. I was using a thunderbolt 10gbe sfp+ adapter (Sonnet SOLO10G-SFP-T3) with the NUC prior to migration and it was passing through HyperV without issue. HassOS will not recognize it on bare metal however, at least out of the box. I have not explored further to this point.

Yes, too late for me but good that you reminded me to let others know that I bought the Apple MD463ZM/A and it works fine on my NUC.