HassOS system password

Good day,

After ongoing troubles with the manual installtion on debian i found out that there is a vmware image availible (HassOS).
however after the first boot is ask for a password.
the only information i can find is:

  • root without password. > this gives me a blank screen.
  • you don’t need a password. > strange suggestion !?

Can someone tell me the password to login?

You don’t need to do that as part of the normal setup process. Navigate to hassio.local:8123 or ip-address:8123 to continue setup.

Hey Tediore,

I already found the normal way.
But what if i am not “normal”?

I simply want the password of my server.

If it’s working as it should, hit enter and the prompt will come up, then type ‘root’ and enter, nothing more.

i tried it again and that is working now.
i guess when the interface is showing loading the login to the system is also not working.

for now i have a (very limited) console. and was able to change the hostname.
is there any change to login to the OS itself instead of a management console?
i need system access for the system monitoring (get gpu load, disk space etc)

This might be of some value here: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/systemmonitor/

thank you… i prefer my own system (spiceworks) since it monitor all my servers.

There are some intergrations availible by the gui (but non of them are usefull for me). but most of them needs an edit of configuration.yaml (and other files)
but since there is no access anymore to the system. how do i change the files?

Use a web-based text editor or IDE add-on or install the samba add-on and edit files using the text editor of your choice