HassOS wont boot. Udev errors

I installed on VM just to test how I would migrate from OZW 1.6 to Z Wave JS.

  1. Installed mosquitto addon
  2. Installed OZW1.6 add-on
  3. Installed OZW integration
  4. Paired light switch to OZW
  5. Created full snapshot
  6. Deleted OZW integration
  7. Deleted OZW 1.6 add on
  8. Installed Z Wave JS add-on
  9. Installed Z Wave JS integration
  10. Created full snapshot
  11. I then wanted to go back to OZW 1.6 so I restored from snapshot I created in #5. Appears that HA rebooted but then never came up again.

I get these errors. Turning the VM off and on again doesnt change anything.