HAVC Z-wave thermostat search

I’ve been searching for a z-wave thermostat that have/can do the following:

  1. z-wave plus
  2. be able to control HAVC from actual thermostat and reflect changes to HA, after inclusion
  3. both C-wire and battery backup

Is there one that I’m missing with the attributes stated above?

Are my conclusions wrong about the following ones?

I know of the following and it appears that they don’t fit what I’m looking for:

  1. CT100: Battery only
  2. CT100 Plus: Can’t control physical device after inclusion
  3. CT101: Not z-wave plus, can’t control physical device after inclusion
  4. CT110: Not z-wave plus, can’t control physical device after inclusion


I have a CT101, and I’m not sure what you mean by “can’t control physical device after inclusion”.

I can set anything from the thermostat that I can from HA.

Can you change the thermostat settings on the device itself, not thru HA, after inclusion? I’ve read that it is not possible… For example, if your z-wave controller dies, can you still modify the settings on the thermostat itself? Are you able to modify settings on the thermostat itself and have the changes be reflected in HA?

I can modify settings on the thermostat itself and see them reflected in HA. My thermostat is connected to a Vera as a the hub.

Thanks for the information. I couldn’t find any info on whether the CT101 is z-wave plus, so I assume it isn’t, do you know? Are you using the Radio Thermostat brand or Iris version?

I do not know if it is z-wave plus. I am using the Iris version, though it is also branded Radio Thermostat. I got it from here: https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/collections/thermostats-1/products/radio-thermostat-z-wave-communicating-touch-screen-thermostat-ct101-iris-version

I have the CT100 Plus and am able to control temp, mode, and fan settings from thermostat. That is enough for me. Scheduling from thermostat? No. CT100 touch screen is sketchy (it requires multiple touches to activate a feature). The one thermostat I have been waiting to be released is the T6 Pro Z-wave. I am able to find literature for it online, but have not seen it for purchase anywhere to date. Pricing? Don’t know, but if reasonable, I plan to use it for my other HVAC unit.

Personally I am using the honeywell zwave one and it works great but it is not zwave plus…the only zwave plus one that I know of is made by Remotec


this is the one I have that works great, found it on ebay $50 NIB!

alanf, musseto, dshokouhi,

Thanks for the information. The Honeywell T6 Pro looks interesting. It looks like someone has the Remotec ZTS-500, but found limited HA ability (Issues setting node config options on thermostat)

Keep in mind that user needed to import the xml file to get it to work at all. There has been an OZW release since then that includes the updated file I believe. Check on the openzwave github site.

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dshokouhi is correct. The XML is included natively in the current hass.io release.

I’m still having the issue where I can’t set node config options. I wrote Remotec, and they essentially blamed the zwave stack. I may try them again if I can get better understanding of what exactly the problem is.

Have you had any luck with this? It’s not added properly for me. It shows as Remotec Unknown: type=0202, id=8170 and I can’t set the node config options either.