Have both a thumbnail/stream on lovelace card - pi camera/motioneye

Hi there,

I have a Motion Eye server I have integrated into my Home Assistant server and both are running on raspbery pis. The Motioneye’s Pi has a pi camera module connected directly into the board. I also have a few ESPCam ip cameras set up.

I am trying to create a dashboard using the card system with lovelace. But cant seem to find a configuration That will give me both a thumbnail image AND a stream. It works fine with my mjpeg ESPCams just not the pi camera.

I have added both the cameras into my config.yaml, the pi-camera as a ‘generic’ one. However if I make a new entity card and use the motion-eye entity of the camera, I get a grey error box as the preview but clicking the card gives me a perfect stream. However if I use the direct IP config.yaml entity of the camera, i get a perfect thumbnail but a broken grey unloaded stream once clicked.


Any help on how I could get both?

The left image is how it looks with a broken stream, clicking on the config.yaml card box which displays a proper snapshot.

The right image is how it looks with a broken thumbnail, using motion eye, but will open a working stream when clicked.

This is my config.yaml code, the urls modified slightly.

#Pi Camera
  - platform: generic
    name: Cam-PiMain
    still_image_url: ''
    stream_source: ""
#Esp Camera 1
  - platform: mjpeg
    name: Cam-MeekaCam1
    still_image_url: ""
    mjpeg_url: ""