Have only one button for ON and OFF

I have setup a RaspberryPi to toggle a button on one of my remotes for a light in my kitchen. I never know the state of the light, if it’s on or off. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to get some sort of button instead of the usual “slider button” for a light?

I manage it with MQTT and have it under the light: domain now and I send the same command for on and off.
If I set the assumed_state to true I will get two lightning bolts for on and off but I only want one button as I can only send a toggle command and not a on or off command.

Is this possible?

with lovelace you can just make an entity and use the toggle service.

How does that look? I cant find any screenshots and I don’t use lovelace at the moment.

these are all toggles in lovelace

you change the look, this is just my theme

ah awesome. Thank you!