Have the ability to scale / zoom the energy dashboard's usage chart

It’d be really useful if there was some way to scale / zoom / cut off extreme values from the chart, as they make it difficult to actually see meaningful data. Like, set some sort of maximum range of the chart and any values above that just get their tops cut off.

Here’s some pictures of what I mean. This is a day when I generated some power but didn’t consume a great deal, the graph looks useful - you can see patterns in the data

And here’s a day when I charged my car which has completely thrown the chart’s scale off

I understand mathematically why this happens, but it’d be more meaningful if somehow the chart’s maximum value could be set to deliberately cut off the extreme values, since to me the point of this chart is not to measure the values, but to instead visually see trends and patterns, especially amongst the stacked data.

That’s exact my thing. If I charge my car, the graph is useless…
A second Graph with all consumptions over a specific load, would be great.
Or a selection that set some sensors explicit to a second graph.

Or more Graphs, for Garden, Garage, Appartment1, Appartment2…

That’s the same topic as: Energy Dashboard multiple "Monitor individual devices" graphs