Have to run Hass everytime I want to see access Home Assistant


I’ve installed as per the instructions https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/installation/raspberry-pi/

I’ve used the Venv (as another user install). The problem is that I have to reinstall using hass command everytime I want to connect to home assistant via my ip address (192.168.x.xxx:8123).

Why is this happening please? I though I would just be able to type in my IP address into the browser and always see home assistant? I’m using Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi.


reinstall? Can you elaborate what you mean by this?

Did you follow all the directions and set it up to AUTOSTART, per the link in the documentation?

Hi, I just assumed that once it started if the Pi stayed on then it would always connect using the IP address provided I never started my Pi?

Also where do I place the service file for auto startup?

Sure. But if you are running a hass command, and then you cancel it, you’re killing the application.

Did you read the documentation on it?

Hi, thanks for your help. I spent a few hours on this yesterday to try and understand it. Basically you are right when I close the cmd window I kill the application, which makes sense.

I’m still struggling with auto startup but logged a new request for help as I hate people who deviate from their original question. i.e. me in this situation!