Have updater.updater show available version?


Can we adjust the customization of updater.updater so it shows the version of the available update under the badge?


Now it takes another click to have the more-info window pup up and display version (state) of the update. Would be nicer if it said Update 0.63 Available.

Maybe a template {{states.updater.updater.state}}…? No way to edit it since it gets created dynamically if and when available?

add the component entity to a group on the frontend and it will show the version available.

I scrapped updater because it never seemed to actually update at a reasonable time. I currently use this as my sensor, which outputs the upstream version…

  - platform: rest
    resource: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/homeassistant/json
    name: HA upstream
    value_template: '{{ value_json.info.version }}'
    scan_interval: 3600

Then I have an automation that notifies me whent he value changes, and provides a link to the blog so I can check for breaking changes before I upgrade…

  - alias: Update Available Notifications
    initial_state: 'on'
      platform: state
      entity_id: sensor.ha_upstream
      - delay: '00:30:00'
      - service: notify.mf
          message: 'Update for Home Assistant is available.  https://home-assistant.io/blog/'

(The delay is to make sure the blog post is up before I click on the link as sometimes it takes a little while).

Hope this helps.

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yes i noticed that, thanks,
it’s just that i like the update badge show up as is does, un-grouped on the Home-page/tab…

what is the upstream version?

i use this:

- alias: 'Update Available Notifications'
  id: '1511601478026'
    platform: state
    entity_id: updater.updater
  condition: []
    service: notify.marijn
      message: 'Update {{ states.updater.updater.state }} for Home Assistant
                is available and 
                check {{states.updater.updater.attributes.release_notes}} for 
                the latest changes.'

which has the same warning :wink: Would the upstream version be something else?

Upstream version is the most current version available for download.

This is the version that updater.updater should report.

I found updater.updater would usually be 2-3 days behind, if it bothered to work at all. Hence why I use an alternative method.

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ok thanks.

Still the question remains :wink:
can we change the text below the badge to display the {{states.updater.updater.state}} value? Could we set the friendly_name through customize? Thats the text below the badge isn’t it?

anther detail i just noticed:
the updater.updater badge has a blue circle, while the regular badges are red. Why would that be?


I think blue is for binary sensors.

talking templates and colors, would you please have a look at New CustomUI release - #16 by Mariusthvdb for me? cant figure it out.

conditional coloring of top of the page badge…

HI @anon43302295,

please have a look with me at this effort:


im trying to have the UoM show the available version with this template:

        friendly_name: 'HA Update Available'
        unit_of_measurement: '{{states.sensor.ha_latest_version.state}}'
        value_template: >-
          {%- if states.sensor.ha_latest_version.state != "unavailable" and 
          states.sensor.ha_latest_version.state != states.sensor.ha_installed_version.state -%}
          {%- else -%}
          {%- endif -%}
        icon_template: >-
          {%- if states.sensor.ha_latest_version.state != "unavailable" and 
          states.sensor.ha_latest_version.state != states.sensor.ha_installed_version.state -%}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}

dienst go yet, although the tempting tool shows the template itself is correct. Ive also tried this through customization but the front-end stays like this. Would you know a way?

btw, don’t look at all the colors, im experimenting a bit with visibility… :wink:


I don’t know if you can template unit of measurement tbh. Do you have any errors?

No errors , no result either…

No idea then, but as an educated guess it can’t be done.

it can be done!


@fanaticDavid explained me how, and why:

so cool.
Thanks for joining me,

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Seems I require more education :wink:

Glad you got sorted :+1:

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