Having daily failures that require restarts

For about two weeks now (I’m estimating, don’t remember when the problem started for sure) I have been having a problem where my HA will not be available from the front end and none of the automations work. Usually I have to either restart the docker container or sometimes even the entire machine (Synology DSM) to get it back up, but after a random amount of time it fails all over again. I don’t think I’ve had it successfully running for more than a day since this has been happening.

Since I can’t remember exactly when it started I can’t say what changes I made around the time that could have affected this, but I know that I didn’t do anything major for quite a while. The biggest change I made was I set up MQTT via Supervisor, but that was well after all of this started.

At first it seemed like my database may have been too large (1.48 GB), so I removed it and set the recorder to only save up to 2 days and only record lights, which has been keeping the size significantly lower. This has helped a bit, because now when I’m having problems it only ever takes the one restart to work. But I’m still restarting daily.

I know that I need to get some logs for anyone to be able to help with this, I just want to know where to get them. Do I need to copy the output that the Docker terminal is showing me, or is there a log file I should grab? If I’m missing any other key details please let me know.