Having diffrent sources for heating in Energy Dashboard

Having gas being tracked by the energy dashboard, I guess, was intended to track your gas consumption. I think may people will use it to track there heating consumption. I’d like to ask either to change the name Gas to Heating or add Heating category to the Dashboard.

In any why the Heating should allow to handle almost all unit. I’m heating with wood pellets. I’m used to ‘to’ or ‘kg’. Oil user would be used to ‘m³’ or ‘L’. When you heat with power it would ‘(k)Wh’.

I’ve managed to convert my kg consumption of pellets, getting form system, to m³. But seeing this in the dashboard with m³ y-axis is quiet meaningless for a pellet user.

I exactly have the same problem. That would be great

I’ve managed to convert my kg consumption of pellets, getting form system, to m³.

Mee too, and see your pellet consumption in m³, is quite disturbing.

Just interssed, whats your factor? Mine is 650kg/m³

I’m not sure if I undertand well wath do you mean by “factor”. I understand that 650kg of wood pellet is equivalent to 1m³ of gas.

As far as I don’t really know my pellet consumption in kg, here is my approach :slight_smile:

  1. I use powercalc (GitHub - bramstroker/homeassistant-powercalc: Custom component to calculate estimated power consumption of lights and other appliances). I know when my pellet stove starts, when it stops. I also know that its power is 6Kw. Powercalc computes the energy consumed in Kw.h.

  2. I have the energy consumed by the stove and I know that 15kg of wood pellet is equivalent to 84Kw.h

  3. Then 1m³ of gas is equivalent to 10Kw.h

So 1m³ => 1.8kg of pellet wood.

How have you find your factor ?

Thats wrong. 650kg ≠ 1m3 gas. The energy density is highly diffrent. I found:
1m3 gas = 10,1 kWh
1kg pellets = 4.8 kWh → 1m3 pellets ≈ 650*4.8 = 3.12MWh

I googled the density of pellets. I found out that 1 m3 of pellets equal around 600-650kg pellets. I haven‘t converted the energy (Wh) coming from 1kg Pellets. So in my case the headline of my diagram would be Pellets in m3 and not Gas in m3. But your setup up needs a little more creativity than mine :smiley:

Is your system fed automatically or manually?

1m3 gas = 10,1 kWh
1kg pellets = 4.8 kWh → 1m3 pellets ≈ 650*4.8 = 3.12MWh

I use approximately the same data.

Is your system fed automatically or manually?

Manualy. My wood pellets are packaged in 15kg bags. This is why I use powercalc to estimate automaticaly the consumption.

Exactly the same on my end. We use district heating (DE: Fernwärme, Swe: Fjärrvärme). Would be great to be able to move the district heating from electricity (as is my case presently) to a “heating” portion of the energy control panel.

I think it is pretty normal in the northern of Europe to use distinct heating. So just the possibility to change the name from “Gas” to “Heating” would be a easy fix.

In the future, it will also be nice to have the possibility, to add multiple heat sources. Eg. some uses one heat source for heating water and another for heating the house.



I think many of us would appriciate this, I have a District heating meter(SHARKY 775 Diehl Metering) that I can read with wmbusmeters and it works perfect. I track the usage in my enegry dashboard using Gas but it would be so greate if we could have the possibility to use something like Heating or District heating instead or even create custom cosumption sources.

Any progress here? Is there a possibility to add a different heating source than gas?

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I would also be interested in adding pellet consumption to the energy dashboard. This would be a perfect addition for me.

Here as well i think in generall users with central heating ( does’t matter if in building or external) with and heat energy meter will use that…
As well if you have something running like a heat pump, combined with solr heating … etc i think having more that the fixed option of Gas would be great.

I have for example a heat energy meter with W-MBus interface, and getting over wmbusmeters HA addon water and heat energy to homeassistant.

It would be good to have the ability to track consumption of other energy SOURCES on the energy dashboard, such as oil, pellets, district heating etc in addition to gas but it shouldn’t try to group then under an umbrella team of heating, because for instance gas isn’t just used for heating (I also use it for cooking). Likewise electricity could be used for heating, but in many cases it is not possible to determine what proportion of a particular energy source was used for heating. Heating should not be regarded as an energy source (with the exception of district heating systems), it’s an energy use.

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Well, in my case, I literally get heat as one of the utilities in my flat. This is not uncommon in the Czech Republic. I assume this is what you mean by “district heating systems”. In my case, it is measured in GJ with a calorimeter and I am wirelessly reading the consumption with Wmbusmeters to HA.

Can you share you setup that you use to read SHARKY 775. I have SHARKY 774 that need to read and any help will be welcomed.