Having issues with Ecobee Schedules through HA w/ HomeKit


I have 2 ecobee thermostats in my house, 1 for the upstairs and one downstairs. I’ve also set up multiple automatons to adjust the temperature for both floors depending on the time of day, day of the week and if we’re home or away. Both ecobee devices are configured thru the homekit integration into HA.


The issue I’m having, and I don’t know if this is specific to ecobee, homekit, HA or a combination of the three, is that if I use HA to set the temperature on the Ecobee to the temperature that it’s currently set to, the ecobee will set itself to a completely different temperature. For example, in HA and on the Ecobee device, the Heat/Cool is currently set to 65’/72’. If an automation kicks off and sets the temperature to 65/72 then in HA it’ll show up as 65/72, but on the ecobee it’ll change to 68/74 or some other combination. I’ve found that this ONLY happens when setting the temperature to what is currently set.


This is one of the automation scripts I have set up, which is pretty similar to how the rest of them are configured as well.

alias: "Downstairs - Disarmed Evenings "
description: ""
  - platform: device
    device_id: f1a998be4d02c92da8fcc3e5de60ae07
    domain: alarm_control_panel
    entity_id: alarm_control_panel.panel
    type: disarmed
  - condition: time
    before: "06:45:00"
    after: "22:30:00"
      - mon
      - tue
      - wed
      - thu
      - fri
      - sat
      - sun
  - service: climate.set_temperature
      hvac_mode: heat_cool
      target_temp_high: 74
      target_temp_low: 65
      device_id: 0858c787224c4b5dd36488d200c73e78
mode: single

As far as the temperature goes, your Ecobee is the source of truth, meaning, Homekit and HA can pass setting to it, but Ecobee will overwrite it if fall outside it’s set of parameters.

(Going by memory here…)
On your Ecobee, you have a range setting for heating and cooling, and there’s also a preference where you can set how close to each other those setting can be (I think the minimum is 1.1c). I would begin there to see if one setting doesn’t overwrite what you’re trying to pass from HA. I had a similar issue, where my parameters for heating was from 18c to 26c, but when I was trying to set 15c for the “away” comfort zone, it was being overwritten by the minimum set parameters of 18c.

Not sure if it’s your issue, but I hope it can point you in a direction…


Sorry, didn’t noticed that this was posted a year ago as it show up in one of my search…